• Set of 12 Sticky wounds

Set of 12 artificial Sticky wounds

Unique on the market, sticky, durable and hyper realistic, stain resistant, these products will amaze you by their simplicity of use, simplicity of maintenance, also by their efficiency during your simulations.


We’ve got so many good feedbacks from clients who use these wounds on manikins and standardized patients.


The set of artificial and realistic wounds is perfect for first aid (First responder), army, health and safety (Workplace and occupational safety and health, OHS, HSE), paramedic training, home care, nursing, bandaging and hospital care training.


Flexible, soft, adheres to many different surfaces, on the skin for standardized patients or on plastic mannequins of many brands (Ex.: CAE Healthcare™, Laerdal Medical™, Gaumard™, Nasco™, Sakamoto™, 3B Scientific®, or some other manufacturers).


This kit of wounds includes:

  •  Traumatic cuts
  • Traumatic abrasions
  • Different stage ulcers
  • Ulcer not categorized


Stain resistant (For example: iodine, permanent marker)

Maintenance: if the product doesn’t stick well because of dust, hair or other residues, just rinse it under tap water and it will stick again.

Size : 3-4 inches (7-10 cm)

MedicSkin® Every product is made of our realistic MedicSkin®, an innovative material that offers a high level of realism, hypoallergenic, which does not mold, is durable and above all with an easy maintenance. With MedicSkin®, the needle tracks disappear with minimal damage.
Choose your color All our MedicSkin® products are available in a choice of 3 colors, this allows you to adapt the products to the color of your manikins (Depending on the brand you have. Ex.: CAE Healthcare™, Laerdal Medical™, Gaumard™, Nasco™, Sakamoto™, 3B Scientific®, or some other manufacturers), or for your task trainers, your busts or arms, or to use the products to fit also during your simulation with standardized patients.

Set of 12 Sticky wounds

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