• Gluteal intramuscular injection site with bones

Gluteal intramuscular injection site with bones.

Learn how to give an IM Intramuscular Injection ventrogluteal buttock muscle.

The ventrogluteal butt muscle (Buttocks) was the site most commonly selected by healthcare providers for many years.

You could feel easily the thighbone and the hip, (Iliac and greater trochanter of femur) and practice the injection

This product is one of the best products on the market to help learners to do IM injection in the hip. This injection technic is recommended in lots of countries, Canada, US, and we are proud to present a good pedagogical tool to learn it.


MedicSkin® Every product is made of our realistic MedicSkin®, an innovative material that offers a high level of realism, hypoallergenic, which does not mold, is durable and above all with an easy maintenance. With MedicSkin®, the needle tracks disappear with minimal damage.
Choose your color All our MedicSkin® products are available in a choice of 3 colors, this allows you to adapt the products to the color of your manikins (Depending on the brand you have. Ex.: CAE Healthcare™, Laerdal Medical™, Gaumard™, Nasco™, Sakamoto™, 3B Scientific®, or some other manufacturers), or for your task trainers, your busts or arms, or to use the products to fit also during your simulation with standardized patients.
Injection All products are injectables, it means that you can inject air on MedicSkin®. If it’s specified, you can inject liquid in the trainers, a special sponge inside the product absorbs the liquid until saturation, evacuate it easily through the drain. (Rinse with distilled water)
Echogen The trainers are also ultrasound scannable for ultrasound simulation. For example, use the IV arm for your training for ultrasound-guided intravenous (IV) access. (Showing the user the needle or catheter).

Gluteal intramuscular injection site with bones

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