About us


Improving medical simulation with our innovative technology to help save more lives.


MEDICOR LAB has designed MedicSkin, the material with which we manufacture all your products, to better meet your needs for medical simulation.
MEDICOR LAB exists because the two founders were committed to helping the health sector and saving more lives through better education.
MEDICOR LAB cares about customer service. We offer a HUMAN and extraordinary service. We are committed to the satisfaction of our customers.

Our history

MEDICOR LAB was founded in 2016 by two businessmen with the aim of revolutionizing medical simulation.

Mathieu Hacala and Mathieu Ruel launched MEDICOR LAB shortly after practicing the profession of firefighter. They had the idea of making products that add more realism to the different simulation scenarios.

To this end, the founders worked hard for over a year to create a unique material for MEDICOR LAB:  MedicSkin ®. This technological innovation has since helped improve simulations in several medical fields.

MEDICOR LAB now has more than 200 products used and appreciated in more than 500 health and education facilities. From the simplest product to the most advanced surgery simulator, MEDICOR LAB continues to accomplish its mission by making a significant difference in medical simulation.

Why choose MEDICOR LAB ?

As a manufacturing company, MEDICOR LAB responds to market needs. Because innovation is in our DNA, we created MedicSkin® and we constantly develop new products throughout the year.

Our team is at your service to help medical simulations have a greater impact.

We created MEDICOR LAB for the purpose of improving medical simulation.

We are certain that MEDICOR LAB can improve medical training thanks to our MedicSkin® technology and our innovative products.

Mathieu Hacala, Founder and CEO

Mathieu Ruel, Founder and COO